This page should include all updates that a push to the public version of Jarvis. If you want the absolute latest changelog check it out on GitHub.

Jarvis v0.15.0

  • Added option to enable/disable vote to skip.
  • Added option to set required percentage for vote to skip.
  • Removed functionality for setting nickname on startup.
  • More fixes for Jarvis manager commands.

Jarvis v0.14.0

  • whitelist.conf and blacklist.conf now work as expected.
  • Commands are handled differently now, makes aliases etc possible.
  • Added “Members” stat to stats command.
  • Now uses Discord.js 11.1.0.
  • Skip command now allows you to skip to a specific queued item.
  • Skip command now supports voting to skip, currently requires 75% of users in the voice channel to vote.
  • Fixes for some of the Jarvis manager commands.

Jarvis v0.13.0

  • Play command will now attempt to queue a whole playlist! Currently can only handle up to 50 videos, Jarvis will try his best to queue as much as possible but it can be slow at times.
  • Cleverbot is back! It now requires an API key, cleverbot_api in options.conf. It’s limited to 5k requests a month currently.
  • Fixed bug where running private commands to Jarvis will crash him.
  • Removed debug logging when running an unknown command.
  • Changed ytdl-core to use a forked version, this hopefully fixes a skipping bug.

Jarvis v0.12.0

  • Added “DISABLE_UNKNOWN_COMMAND” setting to disable the “unknown command” message.
  • Added “MODERATOR_LOGS_CHANNEL” for logging all moderator actions.
  • Improved stats command.
  • Added ban command.
  • Added kick command.
  • Added setstatus command (For management)

Jarvis v0.11.1

  • Fixed donate command with list of donors.

Jarvis v0.11.0

  • Added leet command.
  • Added some management commands, such as restart and update.
  • Fixed help command filter.
  • Added YouTube error catch.
  • Updated ytdl-core to 0.7.24.
  • Fixed issue when running ‘ow profile’ for players who have yet to have a competitive rank.
  • Removed all hard-coded references to my user ID.
  • LIMIT_TO_CHANNELS should no longer limit the server owner, meaning he can run commands in any channel regardless.
  • Chatbot is disabled as it doesn’t work. May fix in the future.

Jarvis v0.10.0

  • Jarvis now supports MySQL, reasoning is for some awesome features coming soon! Check example conf to see how to set DB.
  • Due to MySQL support a lot of rewrite has been done for anything database related, some things may have broken but hopefully not.
  • Jarvis will now try to force his nickname on connect to whats in the conf.
  • Added donate command.
  • Added “DISABLE_ANNOUNCEMENTS” setting for people who really don’t want announcements.
  • Added “UPDATE_NOTIFICATIONS” setting as from 0.10.0 we’ll notify all servers when a new update is put live.

Jarvis v0.9.0

  • Added bug command, allows easy reporting of bugs found.
  • Added “allow_bug_reporting” option for enabling/disabling bug reporting in conf.
  • Jarvis can now listen on a port to detect if he’s running.

Jarvis v0.8.0

  • Added “LIMIT_TO_CHANNELS” setting, give this channel IDs (split by comma) to lock Jarvis to those channels only, out of these channels he wont even reply.
  • Added “ALLOW_CHAT” setting, setting this to false disables the ability to chat with Jarvis.
  • ow profile2 is now just profile.

Jarvis v0.7.2

  • Fixed bug with YouTube summon, play commands.

Jarvis v0.7.1

  • Fixed bug with new server settings system.

Jarvis v0.7.0

  • Removed debug “hello” from changelog command.
  • Added “WELCOME_LEAVE_ANNOUNCEMENT_CHANNEL” setting, give this a channel ID and it will post when users join or leave the server.

Jarvis v0.6.1

  • Fixed bug with manage settings command.

Jarvis v0.6.0

  • Added manage command for server owners, allows management of settings for the server.
  • Currently there is one setting for servers – “ALLOW_AUDIO_COMMANDS”. Allows server owners to disable audio based commands.
  • Updated to support discord.js 11.0.0.
  • Removed support for authenticating with email + password due to changes in discord.js.
  • Fixed changelog command hitting the character limit.

Jarvis v0.5.0

  • Added more to the Jarvis commands for management.

Jarvis v0.4.0

  • Added basic stats tracking, Jarvis tracks stats including messages sent, commands ran etc.
  • Server owners can view stats on their server with the stats command.
  • Added reset command, hoping this fixes some issues with audio issues on servers.
  • Game and Avatar now customizable in the options.conf.
  • Help command now caches the command list after first call.
  • Added perms command back which lists the perms Jarvis has on the current server.
  • Started some work on the jarvis command being used for management of Jarvis for the developers/creator.

Jarvis v0.3.1

  • Fixed an issue with changelog.js causing a crash of Jarvis.

Jarvis v0.3.0

  • Fixed playing showing wrong time.
  • Playing command now shows remaining time instead.
  • Jarvis will leave the channel if he finishes a song and nobody is there.
  • Improvements to how Jarvis handles joining a channel for playing music.
  • Added cleverbot, he can be mean sometimes.
  • Jarvis will now use whitelist.conf and blacklist.conf for server ID’s respectively.
  • Jarvis finally has an avatar!

Jarvis v0.2.0

  • Added leave command.
  • Added clear command, usable by server owner only.
  • Added gif command.
  • Added yomomma command.
  • Added changelog command, keeps lets users see the changelog.
  • Started on a low level permissions system for Jarvis, will be fully implemented soon.
  • Audio commands now check you’re in the channel with Jarvis before allowing you to control audio.
  • Fixed issue with URL’s not working with the play command.
  • Volume is now limited from 0% to 100%.
  • Queue and playing commands now include length of audio.
  • Fixed being able to crash Jarvis if you DM’d him a voice channel based command.
  • Playing now gives you how long through the track it is.
  • Skip command now allows anyone to skip a song of a user who has left the voice channel.
  • Volume should now be remembered when the song changes.
  • Decide command now uses different strings randomly.
  • Perms command now actually lists Jarvis’s server perms and not the user running the command.
  • Fixed uptime and audio playtime being wrong if more than 24 hours.

Jarvis v0.1.0

  • Initial release.